This academy will help you gain clarity on your ultimate health and wellbeing goals and provide you with some extra tools, fresh perspectives and all the extra support and encouragement that will empower you to get there.

Hi, I’m Eileen Strong

I'm a certified Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach® with more than 15 years experience in Holistic/Alternative therapies. I have been teaching Meditation since 2014 and also teach Quantum-Touch energy healing.

My specialism is in stress-related illness and chronic health issues, often working with people who feel they have tried everything and are feeling frustrated and stuck on their road back to wellness.

I take a fully integrative approach to health, helping you find what works best for for YOU to help you succeed in the goals you want to achieve.

​This academy gives me the opportunity to develop tools and share practical, real-time techniques that are often little known in mainstream health circles yet can help a person discover fresh perspectives, explore more choices and make positive-feeling changes. Your current health challenges can empower you, and help you unleash your authentic true self, when you know where to look.

Be your own health & wellness detective! I'm here to help.