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Let Eileen guide you through your first essential steps on your own Meditation Journey. She will help you create a firm foundational practice on which to build a home practice created for You and by You, that you truly LOVE to do! Your ONE-TIME investment gives you full access to all course materials including:

🤍 SIX pre-recorded video presentation lessons to study at your own pace;

🤍 40+ page Student Handbook Course Companion including action sheets and additional resources to enhance your learning experience

🤍 A minimum of 8 Guided Meditations in our "Learn to Love to Meditation Collection" Video/Audio Library

🤍 OPTIONAL Private Facebook student support group with bonus monthly live Zoom updates from your Tutor

🤍 PRIORITY ACCESS to exclusive optional health & wellbeing bonuses

Course Highlights

6-Step Foundation

Learn a foundational 6-step simple system to get your Meditation Journey under way, starting with just 10 minutes or less a day that you can practice any time to suit You.

Developing Key Skills

Hone and tone your powers of focus and concentration, harness the power of deliberate intent ... and get more relaxed about getting more relaxed!

3 Keys to Success

How to Create your own Sacred Meditation-space, use Meditation Micro-Habits to help you stay motivated, and gain an awareness of Common Meditation Challenges and how to overcome them.

Benefits for Life

Learn some powerful Meditation Principles that can apply to change the course of your Minute, your Day, your Week, your Month, your Life .. and that will ripple outwards to benefit those around you too.

What People Say

Meet your Tutor

My name is Eileen Strong and I'm a Certified Lifestyle Prescriptions®Health Coach with more than 15 years experience in Alternative & Holistic Therapies. I've been teaching Meditation since 2014.

My mission is to help increase awareness and inspire action in people who want to re-claim their health and rescue their innermost authentic self!

It's so easy to sit and wait for things to get better ... but what if they don't? Well, now is a great time to take action because even the smallest changes you make will accumulate over time into big differences, not only in your own life, but radiating out to those around you too. It all helps make the world a better place.

Meditation is - perhaps surprisingly - just one of the many techniques I teach that will help you do that. This course provides a comprehensive overview of the Art of Meditation yet allows you to make big changes through small daily actions.

I appreciate the opportunity to be part of your journey. Thank you for being here.

Let's get started!

Eileen Strong Meditation Teacher